Child and youth psychiatry

Vulnerable youth, like all youth, have a need for autonomy and self-direction. The degree to which can vary greatly from child to child, as well as the manner in which. CoWin™ and GRASP™ can provide solutions precisely for this special target group that are fully tailored to these unique needs.

The CoWin™ media wall offers adolescents and children within the behavioral health care system new treatment options, with positive results for both the adolescents in treatment and the behavioral health care provider. These include a daily schedule, the ability to make (video) calls, listen to your own music list, view your own photo selection or play a game.

More questions about CoWin™ and GRASP™? Read our comprehensive F.A.Q. or explore some of our case studies.

NHS Lincolnshire installs 38 CoWin Play units
‘We can always make contact with patients, safely’
Medbo: Less aggression and less work pressure
NHS Lincolnshire installs 38 CoWin Play units
Severinus, fewer incidents due to personalisation


Can a patient just get on the Internet? Or make phone calls?

No. An open Internet connection and the ability to make calls are functionalities that can only be assigned by staff. This is true for almost all applications, by the way.

Can users get on social media?

CoWin™ is exclusively aimed at a fruitful working relationship between care worker and client and offers only applications that support this dynamic. Social media do not meet this criterion although in some cases, an exception might be made for Spotify or YouTube, for example, depending on the specific situation.

Can users do schoolwork on CoWin?

Our CoWin Play allows users to work on school and study assignments within an electronic learning environment.

Is CoWin™ better dan the CoWin™ Play?

They are different solutions for different purposes. Each purpose has its best CoWin™ solution

What does CoWin™ cost?

The CoWin™ de-escalation solution meets the highest security requirements for psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and the judiciary. The media wall is fitted with more or less indestructible armored glass that can withstand even being struck hard with a sledgehammer. This makes CoWin™ an extremely safe and reliable solution, particularly for acute and forensic psychiatry and the judiciary.