Within correctional centers, workload is increasing due to a growing number of inmates with psychiatric disorders. With our de-escalation solution CoWin™ and GRASP™, we are achieving significant breakthroughs worldwide in lowering tensions and workload on crisis wards.  

CoWin™ and GRASP™ offer new ways to reduce tensions on wards and paves the way for a safe and reliable work dynamic, significantly reducing the number of (violent) escalations after implementation. The media wall is specifically finished for the highest level of security (EN-ISO-1056 standard) and is virtually indestructible.  

Have more questions about implementing CoWin™ and GRASP™ within justice departments? Check out the F.A.Q.'s below or explore some of our case studies.

NHS Lincolnshire installs 38 CoWin Play units
‘We can always make contact with patients, safely’
Medbo: Less aggression and less work pressure
NHS Lincolnshire installs 38 CoWin Play units
Severinus, fewer incidents due to personalisation


Can a detainee just get on the Internet? Or make phone calls?

Open Internet and the ability to make phone calls are obviously not possible.

Both the online environment, and the applications that can be used are fully adapted to the high security requirements that apply within correctional centers.

Why reward detainees with a media wall?

CoWin is a solution, not a reward. It provides both staff and detainees with powerful tools to recover faster and stay connected in a safe way. Where CoWin is implemented we see very positive results, including decreased workload in crisis departments.

Many different languages are spoken within our correctional center, is that a problem?

CoWin can be delivered in a base language of your choice, with additional multi-language support if needed. This ensures that CoWin leads to positive results within different cultural backgrounds. Recornect also works daily on language and cultural improvements and innovations.

How strong is the CoWin™ media wall?

The CoWin™ de-escalation solution meets the highest security requirements for psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and the judiciary. The media wall is fitted with more or less indestructible armoured glass that can withstand even being struck hard with a sledgehammer. This makes CoWin™ an extremely safe and reliable solution, particularly for acute and forensic psychiatry and the judiciary.

What does CoWin™ cost?

That depends on many factors: for example whether you choose CoWin™ or CoWin™ Play™, the projected location and how the media wall is to be installed, the number of CoWin™ systems, etc. The more concrete your request, the better able we are to provide you with an accurate quote. You are very welcome to get in touch with one of our sales specialists, completely without obligation.