Behavioral Healthcare

There is growing consensus within the Western behavioral health community about the inhumane and undesirable nature of coercive containment within acute care units. CoWin™ with GRASP™ seamlessly addresses this need and shows a significant decrease in the number of coercive containments worldwide where our solution has been successfully implemented.

Coercive containment often stems from a high degree of powerlessness and is generally perceived as failure by both clients and care staff. The CoWin™ media wall and GRASP™ software platform takes into account the individual coping style of the client in crisis and provides the opportunity for self-direction even in the most severe phase of a crisis. In addition to faster restoration of contact, this opens the door to a relationship with care staff that is based on collaboration.

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NHS Lincolnshire installs 38 CoWin Play units
‘We can always make contact with patients, safely’
Medbo: Less aggression and less work pressure
NHS Lincolnshire installs 38 CoWin Play units
Severinus, fewer incidents due to personalisation


Don't people in a mental crisis need fewer stimuli rather than more?

We often come across this remark or comment. In practice, our experience shows that the opposite is true. We live in a highly technological society and we see that people generally intuitively recognise what the CoWin™ is meant for and find a high level of tranquillity and relaxation with it.

Can a client autonomously make a call or video call to the 'outside'?

With CoWin™, this feature can only be used under the supervision of care staff.

Can a client just surf the Internet?

CoWin™ was primarily developed as a communication solution between client and care worker. In addition, there are strict security requirements in the judiciary for 'open connection'. CoWin™ meets the strictest security requirements applicable.

How strong is the CoWin™ media wall?

The CoWin™ de-escalation solution meets the highest security requirements for psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and the judiciary. The media wall is fitted with more or less indestructible armoured glass that can withstand even being struck hard with a sledgehammer. This makes CoWin™ an extremely safe and reliable solution, particularly for acute and forensic psychiatry and the judiciary.

Can you install CoWin™ in any space?

Recornect has years of experience with installing CoWin™ solutions, even in the most challenging of locations. Our installation team collaborates closely with both architects and building contractors and always ensures an optimum installation result.